Memorial Day Weekend

While hanging pictures and such on the walls Cody took it upon himself to take over the stud finder. He would run it along the walls, the floor, the chairs, and occasionally use it as a phone.
Saturday Yogurt Stop was 50% off. Oh we were there! Kevin wanted to "share" but I pretty much told him to piss off and get his own. What a nice wife.
Our friends had a hotel room at The Westgate resort in Park City so we stayed with them for the night. It was flippin sweet! Cody and Cam have a love hate relationship. Here it was love.
Our bed.
It was one suite. 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It had a huge kitchen in the main living area and a kitchenette in our room as well. I could have moved in to be honest.
Sunday night Stephanie, David, and their twins spent the night. Brad drove down and spent the evening with us too. Cody loves Brad. He follows him around and plays with him. I wonder if it had anything to do with the giant spoonful of frosting he got.
Stephanie requires a carrot cake whenever I am around. So I whipped this one up. Someday I will try fondant, but knew it wouldn't taste as good on carrot cake.
Riley and Kenzi were too cute. They followed Cody around wherever he went.
He even pulled them in the wagon.
I think they enjoyed it.
Monday was spent relaxing. Cody, Kevin, and I went to In and Out and then took it took the park like a picnic. Let Cody play til he got tired and then came home to try out his kiddie pool. Look at him rocking the board shorts. (I love his sweet fat "Cankles")
We got the kiddie pool for $3 bucks last summer. Now we can put it to good use.
I won't lie having Kevin for 3 whole days was a treat. I was sad when he had to go back to work.

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

That cake is SUPER cute!! I feel so left out... I swear, everyone I know has taken up cake decorating!

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