Letters to random

Dearest Mother,
I had a blast seeing you in Cd'a, please quit your job, sell your house, and move closer.
That is all.
(I don't feel like I am asking a lot here!)
Dear Coder,
Each day that goes by my heart breaks a little more. You are growing up on me, which is so fun sometimes, but sad too. When you told me "Nooo Nooo Mama" I died a little inside, but then shortly after you hugged me and patted my back, so I forgave quickly.
Dear Caesar Chicken Wraps,
Please be served everyday at the hospital instead of just Tuesdays.
You weren't there for me today.
Dear Kevin,
You think you're smooth don't you? You are. When you take pictures of my bottom, and never delete them, I will see them eventually. But I am also glad to know you still dig my hiney.
Dear Chelsea,
I knoooooooow right!? We were chatting in the kitchen when the tile you made me came crashing down. I won't lie it was sooo loud. I am bummed, but found it funny that while sweeping it up it still sort of spelled "Laugh". Like laugh it off, and get over it.
Dear Unborn Child or as we call you #2,
Why is it that at a certain time of night you make my feet boil? No really, around 9-9:30 my feet get so hot it's miserable. I wander over and walk on the cold tile but it never actually cools them off. I am just wondering what the reason is. Let me know when you figure it out.


1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Saaaaad day!! I will make you another someday Ü
You will miss those hot feet when your sleep goes in the pooper. But, you know what that's like!! I got a little lump in my throat when you talked about Cody growing up. Lots of my friends, lately, are talking about how their kiddos are getting older and not babys anymore. It makes me so sad! That's not going to happen to Jaxton. I can dream, right?? Ü

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