Here comes the Bride!

This weekend was spent in Boise. Siiigh. I do miss it just as I used to.
Dang you Boise for being SO wonderful!
We went to Lunch Saturday with Kristen. Even though my birthday isn't for a couple of weeks she had them sing Happy Birthday to me. I loved it, cause I am a ham like that.
She's lost about 50+ LBS since I saw her last, she looks amazing!
Travis and Monica got hitched! Here are all the Grand kiddos all dressed up.
My adorable Mother. Seriously I could put her in my pocket. I love her.
I also have 2 handsome brothers here that are still single....
Mr. Handsome! He was trying to steal the spotlight.
Here comes the Bride! She looks fabulous.
We took a break from all the dancing.
Kevin's Parents let us stay with them. They still have this Tote-go. Cody was old enough to go for a ride. He stinkin loved it. I now want one. Great.
On a side note, I love my son, and my husband.
There are no 2 people I would rather spend eternity with.
P.S. Incase you have "Pregnant Brain", which I do a lot, make sure you write down everything you need to pack for a road trip before you leave, double check that you have everything. I made it to Boise with no makeup and no clean underwear. Awesome.


Kourtney said...

I can't believe you're pregnant, you hardly look it at all!!
Also, can I just say that picture of all the grandkids with Cody screaming in front is my favorite. I freakin' love that kid!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

You look so cute in yellow!! I love your pictures! Next time you come to Boise, give us call :)

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I love it when everyone tries to take pictures of all the grandkids and my kidos are the ones screaming in the picture. The wedding looked like it was fun. Your so adorable.

Steph and Dave said...

Kristen looks amazing good for her!!!! I also want a tote-go, it's my second dream car behind a mini van!!

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