Cornell called they said you suck

Did I tell you there is a hallway leading up to our neighbors kitchen? They also have hardwood floors. Basically what I am saying is I can hear them. It's usually just echoing what we do down here, watch tv, eat, play with a toddler. Although some days I think they are running a daycare and I hear extra kids, extra stomping, and a lot of "Ready or not here I comes!".... on those days I sew. I purposely put the sewing machine by the stairs so they can hear it. I can't say the noise is awful, cause their kid goes down around when Cody does and it's usually silent after that...few footsteps... but I have a hard time getting used to the walking and such. I know. I should grow up. Or just buy a house....anyone want to lend me like 10 grand?
I made honey lime chicken enchiladas last night. They were SICK. What a shock, I suck at cooking. I baked cookies after. They aren't very good looking, but I swears I cannot keep my hands off them. Someone come eat them!

I wanted to sew one of these today, but I've hardly heard the neighbors in two days, I feel like I would be wasting the silence. Dumb I know. But true.
Also if you decide to come over and eat my ugly tasty cookies please tell my son that outlets are NOT toys and NOT to be played with, or looked at, or touched. I can't seem to get the point across. Thanks.


Vanessa Goertzen said...

Is that the car seat cover you were talking about? CUTE!!!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

those cookies DO look yummy!!! :)

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

The cookies look yummy. I would eat them for you if you need any help!! I have this car seat cover that is awesome. I should give it to you. Next time I see you I will.

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