I love Dr's appointments.

The end up being more like a date. My wonderful friend Liz watches Cody for us. I get to shower and get all dressed up, go face the scale like a big girl. Then afterwards we wander over to the hospital cafeteria and get some lunch! YUM
Normally Kevin chooses a cheesestake sandwich, but today he went for the cheeseburger. Yeah if you are wondering, those fries were amazing.

I went with my normal wrap, which is usually caesar but today they had buffalo. Still yummy as heck! We also shared a soda. I loved it.

Then when I went to pick Cody up from Liz's house I found Cody like this....

It was a good morning. Glucose test was taken (UGH!) I hated it, no surprise, but will get results asap. AND my blood pressure couldn't have been better! WOOT!

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Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Some people hate hospital cafeteria food but I love our cafeteria food here especially there milkshakes. mmmmmm

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