It's turns out eh....

Meet Jason.
Yes, he is how he looks.
We went to a dealership last night looking for our very own "Jerry" (Honda Pilot).
I've had my heart set on Jerry for about 2 weeks now.
Jason didn't have any Jerry's within our price range and told us we basically weren't going to find one either. What a shock.
Jerry wanted to come home with us last weekend but turns out banks are lending like they used to. Even though our credit is outstanding, and not only have we never missed a car payment, we've never ever even been late. Hmm. Imagine that.
He showed us a 2008 Jeep Commander. Nice, yes. Exactly what I wanted? Close, but no. We took it for a test drive and went inside to "talk about it". Ahh yes "talk about it". If I even had a prostate I would rather have it checked twice than "talk about it". How about you take our car, give us that one, and we will just keep paying what we pay?? NOPE. That never happens.
After nearly 4 hours of haggeling, debating, dealing, and trying to suave us with snacks and "deals" we agreed to pay what they offered. Then in the 35 minute waiting process of waiting to sign the loan papers I started to panick. Bad. Kevin hugged me and we said our "in public" prayer. (hug and whisper it so no one knows). Baby #2 kept kicking me over and over, I was sweating (duh), and all the blood in my body was in my face. Heart pounding I kept thinking "Do we really need this??". If it were a Pilot I would say yes, but this isn't even what I left the house wanting. Hmmm. In my mind I thought "Kevin seems fine about it" he wasn't either.
We went into the office, I was scared as hell, which I should be! It's scary! We did this just 4 years ago with our car. Somewhere in the "smooching" of our assets they mention doing a warranty included. Apparently they lied. Which would have raised our payments up to $53 bucks more than we ever freaking wanted. That was it. DONE. We started backing out.

Almost an hour later we left the place, but I swear the guy was begging us not to go. I felt like he was wrapped around our legs like a toddler. We are still in hunt of a Jerry that we love and fits our budget but hopefully will never have to do this again. Needless to say my feathers were freaking ruffled.


Theresa said...

oh man! i hate! hate! hate! commission sales people!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

How annoying!! You should check craigslist. I know used cars aren't always ideal...but sometimes you can get some really great deals!! And, bonus, you could avoid the annoying sales people :)

Kami said...

I will write you on facebook the in's and outs of how we got our Pilot for a steal!

Greg and Julie said...

my young padawon, I have so much to teach you in car shopping. But I am proud of you! good job for not taking settling with something you did not want.

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