I call him "Wayne"

My husbands name is Kevin, but I call "Wayne". We get along really well, and we often use sarcasm. Speaking of often, I often change my hair, and never in a suttle way it seems. When discussing this with him one afternoon on our drive home from Costco he turned to me and said.."I think I want your hair long and dark. Really dark, like black, and shiney. Shiney like "Ellie's" from Chuck".....

Hmm. That's funny cause about a year ago it was like this, and all you did was flinch and offer for me to get it colored back! HAHAH. Okay not completely true, but his rule...(I don't follow many rules) is "Long can be dark or blond" or "Short has to be blond". He's not a control freak at all, and if I so change it how he doesn't love it, he really couldn't care less.
It's just his "preference".

Kevin also informed me that he hates flats. "You do!?" I now own about 4 pairs. These are the newest! (Thank you DI and $2 later...) I couldn't believe that he really didn't "like" them. I've worn them on and off for 5 years now. And he has never said anything. This is what I mean by he doesn't really "care".
Funny cause I know he LOVES it when I wear a pair of Nikes, especially the ones he buys me.

And especially if I pair it with a BSU shirt of somekind. Does he hate flip flops? I am not getting rid of those! Sorry Charlie!

Another thing that Kevin really "dislikes" is leggings. I mainly started wearing them because when wrestling a baby/toddler in church and my dress comes up at all....I am not showing my "religion" to everyone in the ward. I don't wear them low on my legs and usually just a backup so my "G's" are exposed accidently. Kevin's favorite is when girls wear them as pants. They are not pants people...cover up your butt! Then recently confessed that he "doesn't hate them on me". That's good cause I didn't ever stop wearing them :)

Is he sure he married the right gal? In a contest between Tina Fey and Amy Polar. Tina Fey wins hands down everytime! Would you do me a favor and ask your husband "who he'd rather?" I am interested to see what results we would actually get.

I love you Kevin!


Liz and Grant said...

HaHa, love this post. I asked grant, thinking of course he would choose Tina Fey, and big suprise he chose Amy Polar. I don't think He knows what he likes most of the time;)

Greg and Julie said...

Also like your post. And I defenitley go for Tina Fey.

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