It's a good thing I can bake.

I wish I could cook. I do. The problem is I am a semi-picky eater. I don't love meat mainly. The meat we eat around here is tuna fish, ground turkey, or chicken breasts. We never wander over to the steaks or beefs, porks or anything like that. I wouldn't know what to do with them anyway! I constantly managed to screw up macaroni and cheese. Do you think your better than me? Okay you are right, you are. BUT I can bake with the best of them! I laugh at how well I have developed a love for granulated sugar and butter, vanilla, and things of this nature. How anal I get when it comes to measuring. So on Sunday during church I leaned over to Kevin and whispered....
"I really wish I could cook...."
he replied with
"So do I!"
Good thing I have a sense of humor.


Greg and Julie said...

Hilarious!!!!!!!! I am sorry Kevin:(
Although I do often day dream of Suzi's Carrot Cake.

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

It will come to you. Just give yourself five years and you'll start cooking. At least that is what happen to me and I don't think that I cook all that often but just a little more than what I used too.

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