No not dead

Here we are. Once again Cody is sick, but I'll have you know it's been 3 months since his last "sickness", you know according to the doctor.
I took him in yesterday. He has:
Hand Foot Mouth's Disease
(again but only on his mouth, and bottom)
Sinus infection
Seasonal allergies
Wow. That sucks. We also spent out life savings at the Shopko pharmacy.

I also feel under the weather. Yes, that is a homemade "tampon" I jammed up my nose to prevent to drippage. I took it out for a minute but the flood gates opened...so every 5 minutes or so I stuff a new one in there.
I frequently pee my pants when I cough or sneeze, so I've not bothered with pants at all.
Nor showering, cause I am covered in Cody's snot or my own.
I am bummed though because I want you to see our new place.
So I unpacked and put stuff away for a while, then start feeling death creep upon me and force a laydown. Cody and I have napped in this bed together 3 days in a row, and at night, don't judge.
I love our new apartment, it's so flippin big I feel a bit overwhelmed. It's hard getting used to hearing footsteps above me though, that I will not lie about, but I choose to have a radio/tv/fan/dryer going constantly to help me ignore it. But at night it's silent. No car doors slamming, no porch chat, nothing!
Not perfect cause we still are "sharing" but someday we will either rent or buy a home and until then I am going to look at the bright side, no stairs here, and ALL utilities included.
Peace out Visa card, you'll be paid off before I know it!
Will someone bring me some frozen yogurt? Or perhaps and crunchy taco?
No? It's okay I understand. I'll ask Kevin.
I should probably be napping, seeing as how Cody is asleep next to me.

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Sorry your sick!! Feel well soon! xoxo

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