I lost it

My virginity to Yogurt Stop. It never would have happened without Kourtney's refferal, and driving me there and back. I am not really a "FRO YO" kinda gal. I really prefer Baskin Robins, mainly because that's my Mom's fav, do you see the cycle here?

Anyway, Cody had fallen asleep early when Kyle and Kourtney stopped by, so the 3 of us went. I offered to make Kevin one and he said "I'll just take bites of yours". "Okay! Love you!". Insert image of myself skipping to the car in my slippers...

We walk in and Kourtney know's the drill. Walks right back and gets the party started. First you have to choose what flavor of yogurt you want. Hmm..... Vanilla, chocolate, snickerdoodle, orero, Blueberry Acai (which Kyle and I both pronounced "Ah-Ky?"), even red velvet and creamsicle! SHUT UP! Kyle and I both chose the classic vanilla and decided to just fancy up with all the magical toppings they had to offer.

First topping that caught my eye was the slivered almonds. Oh almonds, how I love thee! I could eat them almost anyway, roasted, raw, covered in chocolate! Hmm! Then I wandered past the cereal, no thanks, to the fruit. The. fruit. blew. my. mind! The blueberry's were so big and plump. I normally don't even really like blueberries. I scooped up those and some strawberries, and wandered off to the sauce.

Chocolate, or caramel? Hmm. I was stumped for a minute. I went with caramel but then thought I wanted more topping! I finished it off with ground butterfinger. YUM!

When we got home we were chatting along and Kevin said
"Suz, can I have a bite?"
was my answer. Eventually I caved and gave him a taste,
but told him that we have to go again stat!

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Kourtney said...

I'm SOOOOO thrilled you loved it as much as I do!! Mmmmmmm I'm craving it already!

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