Public Apology

"Don't have sex, cause you will get pregnant and die!"
That's not true, well actually it could be, but I mean don't have kids! Hahaha. Really I am totally joking, or am I? I would like to say that Cody is to blame for Chris Peterson and Gerald Alexander's tragic life story (see below) but it would be a lie. I can't say that maybe other kids haven't gotten ahold of them because I've had to go hide them numerous times...but I am sure that I've broken them. Shoot.

First when Gerald's sledge hammer, then his hand, the the face mask on his helmet came off, but that one I was able to fix.

Next was Coach Pete's hand, which of coarse was holding the football.

Lastly he tipped over on our granite countertops (which is funny cause I moved them there so they wouldn't get broken) and his brains blew out. Mother eff. It reminds me of the 6th sense "I know where my Daddy's gun is.....(insert gory image)"
What I am really trying to say is that I am SORRY, Kevin. I am sorry that I am the reason we can't have nice things, not poor Cody who I never cease to blame it on.
"I'm sorry MR. PERFECT!
I forgot that you never ever make a mistake!"

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Kourtney said...

Hahahaha!! Poor Coach Pete...

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