Where I come from...

Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. This is where I was born and raised, lived til I was 18, and call home. It is one of the most gorgeous towns I've ever seen, like ever. My brother Kelly had his homecoming this week so we went home for the festivities.

Warning! Pics are in no particular order and there are a ton of them....
We spent an afternoon down at the lake front. GORGEOUS. I take it for granted.

I played in this exact fountain as a kid, if it were warmer Cody would have too.

My friend Kristi threw me the most extravagant baby shower. She went alllll out.

Poka Dot everything! Including hand made "streamers". Yeah I know right?
Sarah Frank the Tank and I

Those cookies were as yummy as they were darling.
My jaw was sore after this cake, so many gumballs.

Later that night, at the same park, we had a BBQ/Kickball game for my family. I chose not to play, I didn't want to trip and hurt the baby or anything. Kevin played with Cody in his arms the whooole time. What a sport! Cody lit up everytime he had to run.

And I caught them saying prayers while playing in the outfield. This is his "AMEN!" pose.
Danny and I dusted off the razor scooters and had a few races down the driveway...just like when we were kids. He told me I had a "weight advantage".

Kelly and Cody bonded exactly like I thought they would, which is a little bit :) He's not open to new people often, so for him to let Kelly hold him was a big step. Way to go pal.
And here we are now, driving back home to SLC. Grrrrr.....yes I am blogging from the road. I should be keeping Kevin company...

Cody passed out after all the kickball fun, so I took advantage and had a snuggle.
All 7 kids were together. We had to get a few pics.

Travis showing us how it was "done"
Look at us!

Kelly stepping off the plane. This is where I started choking up a bit..

Meeting Cody ..
Sibling love.

We went on about 3 walks a day with this wagon, I am not complaining! It was good excercise.
Oh look a picture outta order.....

Farewell Coeur d' Alene.....see you again soon!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

You look SO GREAT! I love that dress!

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

It was so fun to see you guys. Miss you already. Love ya tons.

Brynne said...

It was fun to see you! And Kelly, and danny....so ironic! Anyway, you look so cute (even cuter in person) and I'm so happy for kelly!

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