Ahhh Le Cabin

Kevin's family owns a cabin on Henry's Lake. I've blogged about this before, so this weekend we all went. The main thing you do at the cabin is eat. Then sleep. Then play games. Occasionally we drive into West Yellowstone or go to Yellowstone National Park. But rarely do you lift a finger at the cabin.

Cody and Ashlyn doing what they do best, tearing the car apart. Good thing I didn't clean it out before we went on this trip...
Watching some buffalo's.
Cody honestly would have walked right up to them if we would have let him.
A Mama bear and her two cubs.
Some river thing, I wasn't really paying attention at this point.
I was more afraid of someone slipping off and going down the rapids.
Despite the look on Cody's face here he did have a good time. In the car he kept saying "I'm Not!" over and over. Why you say? Please you tell me!
More buffalo. They all start looking the same to me.
Except one walked so close to our car we could smell it. Sick.
Stopped at Mammoth for some ice cream. He loved the first 2-3 bites and then just swung it around til the melted ice cream and flying all over the place.
We had to go home. Ashlyn was sad to see Cody go....


Steph and Dave said...

The last picture is adorable. Wish we could have been there. Looks like you guys had a blast!!!

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I remember going to Yellowstone when I was barely pregnant with Bryson. It was tons of fun. What a fun trip.

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