What's in a name?

Yeah. I know I have an attitude. Usually when people say something like "You should ....whatever they think" I always always always want to reply with "You should shut the hell up!". I cannot help it. I don't like opinions unless I ask for them, and if one more person asks me what my un borns name is I may just scream. Here are the names we have so far.....


Yep, we almost named Cody that.


I just love it.


Seems to be the favorite among voters


Anyone ever seen Pearl Harbor?

Kevin says no, but I can still hope.

maybe if he ever has a sister we can name her mia maid.

You may vote if you feel like it, just remember my sensitivity when doing so, and know that even though one might be extremely popular or voted for, doesn't mean I will pick it. Just sayin.


Kelsee said...

Sawyer and Deacon were on my list for Cooper. I like the Chandler, Trey and Luke.

Norm and Jan said...

Well missy you know I like Rafe because of dad. But they are all great choices

Shawn AND Chelsey said...


Liz & Zac said...

Here is my opinion, you should...Just kidding! I love them all! I agree with you. Sometimes people should just keep their opinions to themselves. Boys names are hard, but you have found a lot of cute ones!

Liz & Zac said...
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BionicBotanist said...

All great names. For some reason I like Deacon.. plus it's alphabetical Cody then Deacon. lols.

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