33 Weeks

We had our ultrasound today to check for Placenta Previa. Turns out we don't have it! My placenta is still low, but nothing to worry about they said. Our boy is sweet looking if I do say so myself. He is still a boy, I checked.

Here is his profile (sorry it's a picture of a picture, our scanner is still down) you can see his nose, lips, and then on the left is his fist.
I have to say I notice this with Cody, and so far this one looks like it too. Our kids kinda have Simpson mouths. The upper lip hangs over the bottom. Still cute if you ask me.
On a side note, this picture was taken back at 28 weeks or so. Cracks me up.
Did you vote on a boy name yet? Maybe you should....just sayin.....

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