Once upon a Winco

I rarely eat or buy ice cream. No really. I used to eat it every single day, and LOVED it. I am speaking the first year we were married. Well that first year I also learned to bake, cook a little, ect ect. I gained 25 lbs. GASP. I know right! Then a year later (still 25 lbs heavy) I was pregnant with our son Cody. Then gaining another 36 lbs. I. was. huge! Post delivery of Cody Kevin I promised myself to lose the weight. No more regular soda. No more ice cream. Plus I did weight watchers for about a month. Gone went the weight. WOOT! I got back down to what I weighed on our wedding day, and some mornings less.

Here I am pregnant again. I am still 2 lbs away from where I started with Cody. I am proud of myself for keeping it under control. Moving into this basement apartment I lost my gym membership so I find myself taking loooong hot walks just to know I burned some kind of calories.

Today was payday, which means...... Grocery shopping! Ahh how I love to grocery shop. Seriously. I usually do it hungry and then find myself piling in the cart only what sounds good. Not today, I was full. I barely bought anything! What a difference that made. I wandered by the ice cream, and pulled over to see if they had any "Brown Cow" which is a flavor from Tillamook. Looks just like this..
No such luck. Did they discontinue it? Where could it be? The had 2 different kinds of vanilla...sick. I want my brown cow. Then I thought....when was the last time I actually had any brown cow ice cream?? I think it was at the Tillamook cheese factory in Oregon. We always go there when we visit the Oregon Coast...
Then I missed the Oregon Coast. Siiiiigh. It's beauty is amazing. I never tire of it.
We will see you next spring (hopefully) Newport, and I will bring my 2 sons to show you. You've not met them yet. This is how long it's been since we've seen each other. I miss you. Just sayin.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I gained 40 lbs in the first year of marriage. SICK, huh?!? I need you to tell me what you did to lose it!!! You look great!!! :)

Kami @ Everyday Heaven said...

Suzi, you are looking so beautiful during this pregnancy! Way to go! Loosing the baby weight wasn't that hard for me, but I still haven't found the motivation to exercise regularly. Everything is still flabby and looking like bread dough, isn't that a lovely picture? You have inspired me, and I am going to do better!

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