Rub a dub dub

Kasey threw me a baby shower. She's been dying to do it since I told her I was pregnant, but I've made her wait quite a while. She did a rubber ducky theme. It was darling!

She wouldn't let me help much, so I made some cookies/party favors.
They were supposed to have orange beaks BUT I already had to run back to the store to get yellow food coloring, came home and realized I also didn't have red...so no beaks.
Foooood. Hmm. It included sandwiches, cup cakes, fruit salad (I could have eaten the whole bowl myself), sugar cookies, and blue punch.
Of coarse I didn't get a front picture of the party favors. They were candy bars, you can sorta see them in the picture above. Here's the back. Hilarious!
Playing the matching game.
Our hostess with the mostess.
I matched the words "conception" and won a skor bar. I laughed.
Opening gifts.
Greatest girls ever.
Brittany and I are 8 weeks apart. She is being induced tomorrow, she is going to blow!
Kasey this shower really was as cute as can be. Thank you for planning, and the prizes, having it at your house, OH and Shellaine and all her help too. You are great!


Steph and Dave said...

What a cute shower.

Kasey said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
Love you!

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

It looks really cute. The Nutrition Facts on the back of the candy bars are so funny. It looks like it was a fun party.

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