I am a little proud. I made 2 car seat canopy's this week with all leftover fabric/scraps.

Numero uno
Numero dose
Did I tell you the "Adventures Of My Scarves"? It's funny. Okay it's not. When we moved apparently Kevin lost a box to the side of the freeway, didn't tell me until a week later. When he pointed it out I saw my scarf collection. "MY SCARVES!" I screamed. He went back and got them. I am still missing some but, oh well. It took about 3 washes, but they are starting to look normal again.
Also is there a cuter mother and daughter set in the whole world than these two?
I still would like cake decorating classes, and seeing as how my birthday is 15 days away....
Just sayin...

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Kristi said...

I am totally in love with that cake! I've gotta try the almonds and (chocolate chips for centers?) flowers. Darling!


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