You can thank the "Utards"

I must confess that while Kevin was in school I knew we pretty much wouldn't be able to stay in Boise, and that his job would move us elsewhere. I told him that I would rather die than live in California or Utah. Guess what? Yeah we got shipped to Utah. Danget. Last summer I hated it here but it's growing on me, most likely because I have no choice, but I am trying to be more positive about things.

One of the perks of Utah is that they celebrate Pioneer Day on July 24th. It's a state holiday, that also meant that Kevin gets a three day weekend. Heck yes! We spent yesterday out shopping in Park City. I love doing that, we all get our stores in, and when Cody is getting peeved about being in the stroller we walk straight over to Mrs. Fields and all enjoy a light snack (heavy on calories).

Just for the record though, I would have SUCKED at being a pioneer. Thank you pioneers to marching your sweaty, tired, and extremely deprived assets over this way to "Zion", which I constantly make fun of. Hence why I call people here "Utards"-hey if you didn't suck at driving so bad I wouldn't have to....just saying!

Today will be spent at our local community pool. Anything to keep cool and get Cody as tired as possible right?
And we'll definetely throw in one of these.....
On a side note, I sold enough earrings last week to earn myself enough money for a new diaper bag! Here she is! It's got about 800 pockets so there is no shortage on room, where as the one I have for Cody was full without any of his brothers things in there.
My next goal will to get these. Although with my wide foot (not a pregnancy thing, just a "see" thing) I doubt they would fit, but I find them to be adorable!
Don't forget in your prayers to thank Heavenly Father for the pioneers, and our 3 days weekend. I know that I won't.

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Kelsie said...

Isn't it great! Utah may not be so bad after all. haha.

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