Again, are you serious?

If you don't like to read about my little vents/rants, excuse yourself right now. We moved in to this basement apartment and I had the hardest time getting used to everyday noise. It was completely different than the party's our neighbors would have every night. Once 7 pm rolls around it's pretty much silent up there except for the occasional walking around (did I mention they ONLY have hardwood floors?). Then about a month ago they went out of town. It was just their Mom who lives with them upstairs. For almost a month. It's been next to silent because she walks so softly. Last night they came home. Good hell. I feel like I have to get used to the "noise" all over again! DANG IT! It's just the things that we do, taking care of a toddler, the toddler herself, and walking. But good hell. I'll just have to remind myself that I don't pay for cable, internet, power, gas, or water, and that I am getting a hell of a deal here.

TO follow the rant here are a few pluses.

Kevin is an amazing husband and I am so lucky to have found him. Seriously.
  • Half the time he cooks dinner, mainly because I suck at it so bad.
  • We can carry on a whole conversation in movie quotes and laugh about it.
  • When I think I am going to kill our son for pouring an entire bottle of lotion on the carpet, he knows to be patient with me and with his son....
  • He got a 3 day weekend and wanted to be with us the whole time.
  • Takes me on walks every night when I can't stand the noise, or have cabin fever.
  • Manages to sleep through me getting up 85 times to pee in the night.

This list could go on...
HANG ON! One more complaint! My other friend had her baby early! I am feeling left out here! Kevin reminded me to just think that I don't have to get up in the night with one yet.....
Welcome to the world Tyson!

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Hang in there Suz!! You'll get a house of your very own soon and then you won't have to listen to the feet above you! I know how annoying it is and we have to go back to that in a few weeks when we move to IF :(
Did you decide on a name yet? Luke or Trey?? I think I am the ONLY one that voted Trey... maybe one more reason not to pick it?? :)

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