Man's Ladie?

For some reason I was meant to be with boys. I have 6 brothers, a great father, brother in laws, father in law, husband, and 2 amazing sons (He'd better be amazing with all this rib kicking business). I just thought I would let all those boys know how much I love them. And how lucky I am to have so much testosterone in my life.

My Father Norm, we get along great (living 12 hours away....hehe)
6 brothers. We all have the SAME chin. Hilarious.
Handsome hubby.
My second son who is still nameless.
All 6 boys.
My 1st son. He's amazing. I love him and his naughty face.

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Mamma Corleone said...

Oh BOY! This is a fun post. Ahhh ha ha ha!

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