You may blame HGTV

or you can just blame Kourtney.
I watched Property Virgins on HGTV one evening in extreme end-of-the-day-just-waiting-for-Kevin-to-get-home-boredom, which I happened to love and now record it daily. I also watched House Hunters, My First Place, My First Sale, and Get It Sold. I'm hooked.

After watching Get It Sold and My First Sale I all of a sudden want to re-decorate our place. Annoying. Also Kourtney is to blame because she bought a house recently so is into decorating her place. Which then leads me to want to do mine too.

I am such a sucker for the color green. Seriously. I find myself wanting to decorate every room with "black, white, and green!".

Like this for example. I love.
Or this. LOVE IT. I think it would be too bright for a lot of people, but not me.
I've been telling Kevin for years now how someday I WILL have a sour apple green kitchen. Or a white and yellow striped kitchen with green appliances. Realistic? Maaaaaybe.
Or a teal one would be soooo cute too. Teal and yellow. Or charcoal and yellow!? Endless possibilities.
Also I get to blame Kourtney too because she did a photo wall in her home, now I want one.
I've decided that all this can be done, but maybe not til I really know what I want, seeing as how we are renting and will not ever own this basement apartment. Plus I don't know that they would appreciate that many holes in a wall. Or I could just patch them? They'd never know? Hmmmm.. I just might.


Stef said...

I love all of those shows, My kitchen is black white and green Love it!

Kourtney said...

Hahaha!!! Yeah sure blame me all you want but I'm blaming you for my kardashian dreams last night! :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

If you really want to do a picture wall in a rental, get those pictures hooks. That's what we used and it worked brilliantly!!! They come off super easy without tearing the paint or wallpaper and they hold really really well! Also, they're great if you have one picture that is a little crooked, you just peel the hook off and reapply it where you want it! Post pictures of your cute new apartment Suzi, PLEASE! I wanna see! And seeing as how we will probably never make it down to UT (because we are broke) I would totally settle for a few pictures :)
p.s. I love HGTV. It is waaaay addicting, huh? Have you ever seen design on a dime? One of the BEST shows, I think --- it's actually ideas that I could do on our stretched budget :)

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