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I really enjoyed the 4th of July weekend this year, because it was on a Sunday, it seemed like we celebrated all weekend long. Then Kevin got Monday off. I love having him around. Here are the highlights from our weekend.

I wanted to make patriotic treats. I borrowed this idea from Chelsea Peterson's blog. They were very tastey.
These were a little trickier. I tried coloring the cake batter, but alas didn't have any food coloring. Borrowed my neighbors, but she didn't have much either, and I didn't want to hand her back empty bottles....so they turned out to be pink, blue, and white cupcakes. Luckily the sprinkles and frosting were distracting enough that no one cared.
We spent most of Saturday with Kyle and Kourtney. Early Saturday the boys went golfing and Kourtney took me garage/yard selling. Which turned out to be crap. No one had any good stuff! We finished off our morning with Yogurt Stop. And then parted ways til post nap time.

We went to their house for BBQ kabobs. DELISH. We had everything! BBQ chicken, shrimp, steak, potatoes, peppers, onions, zuccini, I am sure there was more, but it was soooo good. We then played games til it was time to go watch the fireworks (including the filling the kiddie pool, and laying in their hammock which my fat arse fell out of...)

Walking to find our perfect spot.
Our little family. I was going to make an applique shirt for myself that day, but decided I wouldn't be this big next year. To which Kevin replied "Let's hope not." hahaha. That kid.
Sunday we kept it low key, mainly due to laziness. Church, food, nap, and then sparklers.
I didn't even bother re doing my pony tail, I mean it was that lazy. hahaha.
My 2 favorite boys ever. Cody loved the sparklers and was disappointed when we didn't light about 500 more.

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I love those strawberries! How clever! I will have to remember those for next year!

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