Weekend Highlights

We got visitors this weekend. My brother Danny came down Thursday night along with Kevin's parents Rich and Donette. I love company. I get bored easily these days, so it's nice having an adult around for some conversation.

Thursday Danny took me to Tucano's for lunch while Donette and Cody stayed home for a nap. How flippin nice was it to have lunch with Danny and not have to worry about what Cody was throwing/screaming/ect. Then we went to Cabella's just to wander. That night Kevin made us bourbon chicken and I made death by chocolate cake for dessert.

Friday was pretty low key. We kept it as lazy as possible. If it involved lifting a finger, I was not up for it. Danny, Donette, Cody, and I went to Wendy's for lunch. After that we came home and read, napped, and then cooled off in the kiddie pool. As seen below. I could have asked them to smile for the pic, but I didn't bother.
After work we went to IKEA for wandering and such, and then had meat ball subs for dinner. I know I keep telling you what we ate, but food is so delicious these days, and it's only a few more weeks that I get to "idulge". Oh it's amazing.

Saturday we went to DI and then came home to, you guessed it, nap some more. I absolutely loved it. What a good weekend.

This is what my summer has looked like. I fill up Cody's pool for "him", but really I need something to cool my hot piggies off in. Works like a charm.
Then this am I found a tie that we bought Cody when he was a new born. It was supposed to be a clip on but didn't actually latch. So I added some elastic, and velcrow. Now Cody and Kevin have their matching polyester ties. Like Father like Son.

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