If you're anything like me...

You haaaaate spiders with all your might. Not the little wimpy ones, but the big brown hairy ones. Yeah those. The ones that run faster than lightning mcqueen. Our last apartment literally never had a single spider. Ever. I suppose because they were brand new, and the spiders didn't want to climb the stairs.

Moving into this basement I figured we might have a few. I've been spotting them more and more and found a dead one by my night stand. EWWW! That means the sleep close to me! I googled how to get rid of spiders. Here are a few tips...incase you have this problem.

Spiders LOVE slobs!
The more piles of junk/clothes/whatever you have, the more spider you can expect. This includes laundry piles, and shoe piles. I know...siiick

Spiders also LOVE cardboard
I found this out, posted alllllllllllllllllll our moving boxes for free online and got rid of them within 2 hours.

This goes with the piles. If you have places that you don't clean or dust often, they love it. They really don't like being disturbed, so vacuum under your bead once in a while. And messy kitchens.

We bought this spray at Walmart for less that $5. First I steam cleaned all the carpet in our place 2-3 times. Then I sprayed this along the baseboards in our whooooole apartment, the windows, doorways, ect. Inside AND out. I've since found 5-10 dead spiders. It really works! I saw a live one under my couch this afternoon, moved the couch instantly, vacuumed again, and sprayed...again.

Speaking of I need to go finish that job. Good luck!

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