Letter for Kevin

Dearest Kevin,
Remember how we aimlessly wandered the mall the other day because it had air conditioning and I wanted to get outta the house, even though we don't have the funds to buy anything more than a soft pretzel? I went into Down East Basics and came out. That is when I told you I could spend a small fortune in that store NO problem. I wasn't kidding.

I am hoping that maybe sometime after the baby is born and I get my figure human looking you wouldn't mind picking me up any one of these items. I went to the website and picked out my 5 favorites.

The dress would get much use, but probably not til I am done nursing. I never figured out how to nurse in the mothers room with a dress on...
The skirt would be darling! And it's on sale!
I am really not sure how this shirt would actually look on me, but I loved it, I must have it.
This one is realistic. I promise! I've had the same one pretty much since we were newlyweds. Although as you know it's so worn that it's pretty much see through. And all the lace on bottom is torn...
OH pleeeeeeeease!? If you don't get it, could you pass the word to Santa?
That is all.

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