I'm still grateful

Sorry it's been a while since the last posting. I figured you understood seeing as how I still have a brand new baby and a TODDLER. Well both weren't helping. You see here is the story. I noticed in the hospital it was almost impossible to get Trey to latch on to nurse, even our last day there I had to call the nurse in for help and she couldn't get him latched either but told me not to worry. Finally home from the hospital I was stumped...I would give him his binky (also a trick) get him good and sucking, rip it out, and stuff my boob in. Yes graphic, what do you care. It worked like a charm. I did that for almost a week, but I thought "hey whatever works".

In the beginning I was engorged and tender as expected and that went away. Then this last week I noticed my nips were EXTRA tender. Each feeding would leave me curling my toes. I thought this was odd since I we were past this. I noticed they were raw and never to be touched by anything. Even when I bent down to grab something and boob would move in my bra I wanted to SCREAM. Friday afternoon my visiting teaching companion called to check on me (she is the hpyno birth, and labor and delivery nurse). I told her I was very sore but thought it was normal. She did not think this was normal but I insisted I didn't want help. I know I know, as open as I can be, I do NOT like people seeing my boobs. Even just breastfeeding! A nurse, to help, no thanks...I get weird about her seeing my girls. I sat down for the next feeding, he latched and I yelped in pain, clenched jaw, sweating, I couldn't take it. I pulled him off to discover my nipples were dripping blood. OMG. I called her bawling, went and got a nipple shield, and she said she would come help at the next feeding.

She came over 3 times that day. Just to sit there, help me get him latched properly, help with the soreness, and to talk me through it. She did this ALL WEEKEND. She has 5 kids of her own to worry about, but still took time for me. With her helped we discovered I was suffering from yeast, and got me off sugar and bread right away. I never knew how much sugar I ate. I started taking probiotics, wild orange oil in my water, more water in general. I am MUCH better. Still I have to use the shield.

She was burping him for me and noticed that he is also slightly tongue tied. GREAT. Not terrible, but this is the reason he cannot latch on properly, and that I get so sore. Also this makes for him gulping more air, less milk, and this is why he feels the need to eat constantly. Which is also wearing on me. Today we have an appointment to get the tongue tied looked at and hopefully they will snip the membraine.

It's been a long long few days. I am soooo grateful for Debbie (VTC) and her selflessness. Just to be here whenever I needed. She said she would come at 5 am, she came inbetween classes at church, she came over at 10:30 at night. I would have been screwed without her. Heavenly Father really has blessed me. Also I am grateful that delivery went so smooth. To have a crappy deliver AND nursing to go bad would just push me over the edge.

I just thought maybe you wondered where I am have been and what I was up to. Did you miss me?? I missed you for shizzle.

OH and the time is about here to get my hair done again. I have almost 2.5 inches of roots, it's embarassing. I just try to forget about it. I was thinking about going red brown like Mandy Moore's picture in the middle here.....any suggestions?
Also I need to decide whether or not to cut it, or grow it out. I am at a crossroads with the length. I want it simple because the time I put into it, is long gone. A pony tail is all I do, but a fresh cut would be nice too. Why do I care so much. PSH. Dumb. Leave me a comment with any ideas.


mrsmonje said...

First off, congrats to sticking with breastfeeding! I can imagine how much work it must also be amazing to have someone around to help you! Ive missed you and thanks for the up date!

as far as hair, i LOVE the color that your thinking of going :)

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

OUCH!!! That sounds painful. Hopefully you don't have to cut out all sugar and breads that is killer. I have thought about doing some red in my hair before. I think you can never go wrong with you blond and a trim. But I am kinda plain jane.

Mamma Corleone said...

I am also impressed that you stuck through it! Breastfeeding always seems to come with a few issues now and then, but still worth it I think.

As for this tongue. My nursery companion just had her third child...all tongue tied, and she and her siblings were as well. And most of her nieces and nephews. She said that doctors have given her and her siblings a lot of crap for wanting it clipped, but she pushed for it and has never regretted it. Of course they are fine without it done, but it's not a big deal, and will make nursing as well as speaking etc. so much better.

And my sister had to wear the shields for a long time (inverted nipples) but since they made her feel so much better, she didn't mind after long.

What an amazing VT you have! You're right, Someone was watching out for you!

Steph and Dave said...

kenzi is also tongue tied. Both of my doctors would not snip it. So tell them you want it done even if they say no. It can also cause speech problems in the future. Nursing is a pain in the butt! Everyone kept telling me it would get better and it never did for me. Hopefully it will for you. Good luck. (My Nipples hurt just thinking about it!)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Oh my heck! That made my boobs hurt just reading it!!! YIKES! I am so sorry Suzi!

I think you should do the dark brown (the picture on the far right). You are so freaking tan that I think it would look awesome with your skin tone. That's my 2 cents!! :)

The Saling Family said...

You are having about as much fun as I did nursing my boys, oy. I wish that on noone! Hope it goes easier, now.

I think the reddish color is awesome (maybe I'm sorta partial tho, dunno) - ditto for going longer. But I've got a 3rd opinion there... my hairdresser who I adore says to stay long right now, because I was questioning what to do next, too.

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