Update and new pics

So. I took Trey in yesterday and has his tongue clipped to fix the tongue tie. The doctor who looked at it (Our regular Dr wouldn't clip it) said it "really wasn't that bad" but was more than willing to do it if that's what I wanted. I insisted. And it was done. He barely cried at all! He was more upset that they woke him, I of coarse stepped outta the room. I think it took less than a whole minute to do. I came back in and the nurse was snuggling Trey. She kept putting her face against his and saying he was "soo sweet". I happen to agree. I fed him, and we left. So far things have been great! I have not used my shield in a whole 24 hours, I am still a little sore, but seeing as how my nipples pretty much fell off 5 days ago, a little sore is just fine. Trey's little tongue actually touches his lips now and he seemed 100% healed. WHEH.

Now for a few pictures.

Cody was playing sunglasses with me last night.
He cracks me up. I gave him this pair to keep in his wagon. He pretends to wear them.
Like this. See he fakes me out. I'll put them NEAR my face but not on them.
This was Sunday morning. Trey and I stayed home from Church to help ease my nursing wo's.
And here is how I caught my boys last night.


Kelsee said...

Cooper had to have his tongue snipped too. I had the same thing with nursing because he couldn't suck properly. Hurts so bad! Glad you are doing better and so is baby boy! -Kelsee

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

cute pics! i am glad that nursing is going better for you.

Courtney said...

Suzi! Congrats to you and yours! I haven't been commenting much, but I've been watching your fam grow via the blog.

I was walking into church last week and saw you down the hall holding your baby and got all excited and smiled real big. When I finally reached "you", and of course realized my blunder by that point, I apologized in embarrassment! It was pretty funny. We miss you guys around here.

Cody and Trey are adorable!!! Cody's getting so big and Trey's HAIR. Oh that HAIR. Just like his brother. Love love love it. I also love the pic down below of Trey holding your rings. Awesome. You're so creative.

P.S. Your to do list a few posts back made me laugh! Funny girl.

Brynne said...

He's SO cute! Congrats!

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