Thrifty Much?

Yeah. I LOVE a great deal. I just had a baby. I didn't buy a single new article of clothing during my pregnancy (Okay 1 stinky scarf, but it was $4). SO, now that the baby is out, I started shopping a little for myself. Seeing as how I am the worlds biggest penny pincher, I had to make it go far. Here is what I got:

Down East Basic's Skirt
Vanity Shirt....
I thought about adding ruffles or something but so far, just plain is perfect.
J Crew Top
Down East Basic's Tank
Forever 21 Hoodie
Old Navy Sweetheart Jeans
SWEET SHOES. I am not familiar with the brand though.
Be Chic Sweats. Never ever worn.
American Eagle T-shirt.
Forever 21 Blouse. Can't wait to pair it with a BRIGHT belt.
Down East Basic's Tuxedo Top.
All these for a grand total of $56.00. Not to shabby if you ask me.


Stef said...

Nice work, great finds. You look amazing no way did you just have a baby.

Keli and Jacob Langston said...

Way to go! Now I'm anxious to get some new clothes :) And you look fabulous!

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