Mama's Girl

I would say it's wide known that I am a Mama's girl. No doubt about it. She came to see me! I know I already told you that, but here are the pictures from her visit. I was very sad to drop her off at the airport this afternoon, and so was Cody. Trey had no comment.

Kourtney, Mom, Trey, and I went out for some Yogurt Stop. YUM.
We spent a morning at the park. I enjoyed this device more than the children...
Cody likes the ladies.....
While I love my husband.
Kelly and Danny came to visit from Pocatello, seeing as how it's only a 2 hour drive.
(Danny showed up after church, so no pics)
My 3 boys. I know that sounds cliche "My boys" but now I know what it's like.
Our very 1st family picture. I know, we didn't even take one in the hospital.
Brothers from anotha-motha.
Gooooood morning snuggles.
My twin brother, only about 3 years apart.
Mom sporting her sweet ray bans. I also cut her hair this trip. More pics to come.
Kelly Belly and Trey.
Like I said..more pics to come.
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mrsmonje said...

first you look fantastic! second I love that babies hair and third love all the pics!!

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