Playing catch up

I know I am not a blogging slacker, but for how often I normally post....I kinda am. Forgive alright.

One of my favorite blogs had a recipe for frozen raspberry lemonades.....yum...
Then a nice lady in our ward gave us a zuchinni, it was about the size of my leg. So I looked up a recipe for bread and baked it. I ate almost a whole loaf in one day. Let me toot my own horn.
And then last night I ate Yogurt Stop with Kourtney and my Mommy.
Speaking of my Mom. SHE'S HERE! She made Trey another blanket this afternoon.
While I worked hard at the computer :)
Okay but first I made this clip. I promised to put crafts on hold for a while after I had the baby, but she was sewing, Cody and Trey were sleeping. I thought, one little project wouldn't hurt. I got the idea from Make it and Love it.
It's so nice having her here.
Speaking of her being here, I am going to go keep enjoying her company. Just thought I would keep you posted on the happenings around here.


Emily and Russell Petty said...

Hey Suze! Your flower is super cute! I love it! And, how fun is it to be hanging out with your mama?? I love hanging with my mom.

Toni Tralala said...

I see where you get the creativity from! I can't believe that your mom created that blanket. Your clip is lovely, by the way. :)

Vanessa Goertzen said...

I love yogurt stop so much! Haven't found the equivalent out here yet!

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