Sunday Afternoon

This is how we spend our evenings (Okay 5 whole minutes of them). Reading Cody the old Book of Mormon books while he smothers his brother with loves.
Trey Trey. When he first gets his hair shampooed it's very curly....then goes straight.
Our friends had a garage sale on Saturday and we scored BIG time. Cody now has a whole new wardrobe for $20 bucks. Including some pimp juice church clothes. As you can see here, he runs at the camera while pics are being taken.
Trey sported his hand me down pants from Brother, and the tie onesie I made him
Dad and Trey snuggled while Mom baked.
Perfect Sunday.


Kelsee said...

Love Trey's fuzzy hair! So dang cute! -Kelsee

Mamma Corleone said...

So cute! And I love that onesie!

The Saling Family said...

Look at all that dark hair! Oh he is so darling. Can't wait to meet him!! And I miss my Codester.

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