Another one bites the dust...

Boise State VS Virginia Tech......it was intense. Well not as much for me but for everyone else. I would watch a little bit, then have to go feed Trey, so I'd miss 30 minutes, then come back, then Cody would want to play, then I'd watch a little...go eat a cookie..You get where I am going with this.
After coming out from the last feeding I found our fans looking like this.....
Kevin snatched Trey out of my arms because he needed his good luck charm back...
By the way does this look familiar??
2 years ago we were doing the exact same thing. Cody was 2 weeks old.
My favorite part was dressing us up, sorta like prom, and the food. YUM.
Trey was ready for his 50th meal here, so needless to say, not happy!
Those shoes are 100% darling and 200% useless.
We also went out to breakfast yesterday, seeing as how Kevin had the day off.
I love this kid.
Cody was snacking on chips the whole second half of the game, and I may have had a few.......OKAY like a plateful. What do you want from me??
This video will NOT upload. I will figure this out soon. I have not loaded a single video since I got my new computer, so you can bet when I figure out the problem, there will be a post and it will be nothing but videos. Just letting you prepare.

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