Letter to Sunday

Dear Sunday,

You happen to be one of my favorite days of the week. I actually like Mondays unlike some people, or most I should say. But Sundays are the best. Church was awesome today. Cody behaved well in Sacrament, and ran to nursery, that's right. I said ran.....

Church was followed by our usual post church gorging/snacking. But really more gorging. Kevin caught me drinking the sweet love nectar that is Reeds Dairy chocolate milk....
A friend came in from out of town, and brought us a half gallon as a gift. Best. Gift. Ever.
I love how no matter how much I try to clean and prepare for my Sabbath, our house still gets messy. I love my son. At least there wasn't a tantrum in church.
Sundays are also the day that Kevin doesn't change his socks after church, but still puts shorts on. Gold Toe dress socks + Michael Jordan basketball shorts=
Or sporting my new glasses. Thank you Amazon.com. I now look insanely ridiculous and I happen to love it.
Napping like a champ
Thank you to Trey for being so darn adorable. I passed him to my friend during Sacrament meeting, who was then passed to another friend, then her daughter. Needless to say I didn't hold him at church today.

Thank you Sunday for being awesome. I look forward to the Taco's you'll be bringing me later this evening, and the crop dusting I'll be doing following that.

What do you love about Sundays??


Stef said...

I grew up really close to Reed's Dairy they have the best ice cream, but I can not drink their milk because I swear it tastes like the Dairy smell that would blow our way on windy days. Trey is so cute I love his hair!

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I love Sundays because it gives me a spiritual high that day and it helps to last all week until next sunday.

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