Letters to Random

Dear Mother Nature,
You suck! It's fall. There should be leaves on the ground to crunch under my feet and a light enough breeze that I could wear a scarf. I should not under any surcumstances be sweating under my blankets at night..
These 90 degree days are getting very old. Unless you are extending fall til December 20th....then winter til March. I suppose that would be okay. Either way. Get on it.
Dear Ford Escape,
as my friend Dory and I like to say "Eh-scop-ay". Please feel free to find my driveway and make yourself at home without altering my car payment......I said please.
Dearest Trey,
This is a picture of your brother at your age. You will never be as chubby as he was. But whatever works for you two is fine with mama.

1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i know, right? i hate this yucky hot weather --- sooooo ready for the crisp fall!!

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