This weekend was sooo great because

It was Conference weekend! Who doesn't like this weekend more than any? I won't lie, this is the least I've heard the talks. Children don't help. But I still love them.

Our tradition is omelette's. They are pretty uh-maze-ing. Let me toot my own horn.
we found out my son is quite a ham for the camera. He even says "cheeese".
brothers are starting to like each other more and more. Well Cody just enjoys smothering Trey still and Trey is becoming more tolerant.
This lay and play was $3 at DI. And it works perfectly. WOOT.
I found out that apparently grasshoppers and leaves like eachother. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.....1st comes love, then comes marriage, then comes really really odd looking bugs...
Kevin and I had a "at home date". Put the boys to bed and make kabob's. Chicken, Steak, and veggies. Delish.
Saturday Snuggles with Daddy are a must.
If you leave diapers and babies too low...
it will look something like this.
also bare bummies never hurt.
Great Weekend.


mrsmonje said...

i love codys booty...just saying!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i love that picture of cody's lil bum-bum! how cute!! and he sweeps? he's a keeper :)

Kami @ Everyday Heaven said...

Maybe I should try sweeping without pants on, maybe it's more enjoyable.

Also, that it the yummiest looking omelet I have ever seen, where is the recipe?

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