Trey is 2 months old

Trey had his check up today.
He's growing quick.
He's my slim baby.

Height: 23 5/8 inches 75%
Weight: 10 lbs 10 oz 25%

Doctor said he is an inch taller than the average baby, but 1 lb lighter. So he is tall and slim. I almost fell off my chair. I expected another butterball baby. He also thumped his belly a few times and proclaimed that he is quite gassy. This is no news to me. He and his mother are flippin wind bags, and proud of it....only cause we don't have a choice. He sleeps 4-6 hours a night, but dr would like him to be at 8 hours, so he said I need to get on the burping him and that would help the sleep. OR if that doesn't work change my diet.....
PSH whaaaat?
No thanks.
Burping will be just fine...I HOPE!

He is so dang cute...biased much...yes I am. His shots went well, he screamed of coarse but calmed right down when he got picked up. The nurse hit a capilary and blood went everywhere. No biggie. Also Julia, my sister in law, watched Cody for me. What a treat!

I tend to call him "Tham" like T-Ham...but tham.
Other nicknames we have for him are:

Trey Trey
Trey Skins
Trey Pack
Trey Von
Trey Gin

The list goes on and on. We love love love you Trey skins!

1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i can't believe that cody was in the 100th %ile for weight!!! how fun!! :) trey is so super cute, and i am lovin' that hair :)

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