A public apology

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I lost your debit card and drivers license.
I'm sorry that I have OCD and cannot leave things alone.
I must tidy constantly.
I literally am starting to think that I actually suffer from OCD, I will get up out of bed to close the closet door you choose to leave open.
I will nearly be peeing my pants, but when I walk by the door on my way to the bathroom and see your shoes by the door 'not straight' I must take the 30 seconds to straighten them.
I'm sorry that you are a man, therefore you can be a slob. It's a good thing you have me.
I'm sorry that you came home to a cooked meal, and if you weren't mad about the card I would have scratched your back to sleep.
But you blew it.
I'm sorry Trey woke screaming, but kinda not because that's when you decided to forgive me and not be mad at me anymore.
You had better forgive me or else you would have been hungry all week!
Alright we know I am all talk.
I love you Kevin.
I'm sorry again.

The sweetest, nicest, hardest working wife ever,

1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

awww! i do the same thing! i can't leave things alone and it drives shawn up the wall!!! these guys would be so lost without our tidying though, eh? :)

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