Letters to Wayne

Dear Kevin,
I have forgiven you our whole marriage for your effort
(or lack) to put your shoes away....and church clothes.....ect....
I have forgiven you for that fact that you and Cody seem to be alergic to
keeping my kitchen table sanitary........
(by the way I gave Cody pumpkin chocolate chip bread and he didn't finish it....)
if you keep drinking up all my soda's I might beat your head in!
(or just yell a lot, but that you are already used to....)
Now when our grocery bill is $5 more every 2 weeks because I have to keep buying more diet soda's you can go ahead and get off my back about it.. ..

with love from your gorgeous wife,

Thanks for doing Cody's bath every. single. night. I do appreciate that more than you know.

1 comment:

Kourtney said...

Wayne and Suzanne are my favorites!

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