Photo Tag #2

Remember this post? Well I decided it would be fun to do again.
Seeing as how we live in a different apartment.
Here is the rule....
NO CLEANING, if you are tag you must take pictures as your house is...

Laundry Room
I can't say this looks too bad. And look! We got tide! I've always wanted some.

I am not a fan of the way this closet is set up, but since we rent I can't complain.
Holy cow.
There aren't cob webbs.
We usually have a pretty empty fridge, and I'm not sure how with out grocery bill the way it is...

Favorite Shoes
These never leave my feet. I am not joking. I am a bit of a clean freak, and I hate when you need to sweep because crumbs are sticking to your feet....so I just never take these off.
Self Portrait
Yes this is "as is".
I normally look much much worse, but the leftover Church makeup was still on.
Lucky you.
Kitchen Sink
You see the crockpot bowl? We had the best chicken fajitas in that.....yum....
Favorite Room
I've turned our back hallway into my "craft room". Which is useless. Cody gets into everything constantly, so if I craft I have to put everything away....it gets old.
We only have 1.

Cody found my bobby pins.....
What your children are doing (right now)
He's not supposed to be in there, he gets in trouble for it, hence the smile.
Trey was waking from a deep slumber, to let me know I was done having free time. Boo.
Now I must Tag. I choooooooooooose. Liz Saling, Liz Layton, Liz Cambell, Eric Olsen, Brynne Erickson, and Kelsee Webb.
Now get to it ladies! I said now!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

cody is getting sooo big. he is super cute!!! does he love being a big brother?

Brynne said...

My blog of this would be super boring, because my house is clean and my boys are sleeping. ;) jk, except for the but the boys ARE sleeping part!

Norm and Jan said...

Well I'm glad you didn't tag me----------- we know what a disaster that would be, except my bathroom is spotless! The fridge is good and my kitchen floor...yep those are the good parts. Wow I miss that Code-man, and look at Trey's cheeks.....good milk girlfriend!

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