600th Post

Can you believe this?
It's my 600th Post!
I can't lie, I am not sad that I started this blog.
I love to look at older posts and remember those moments that are dear to me, funny, or when I get nasty pissed and sarcastic...oh snap.

In and of this blog I have stayed 100% true to who I am and how I act...and hope to continue to do so. We should be ourselves and be happy to be who we are. Let your light shine people!
In 600 Post's I've slowly learned to sew...amongst other crafts and fun projects...
I've become a Mother of 2 fantastic little boys who I would gladly lay down my life for....
Just like my Mother for me. What an amazing example I have to look at...
I've been blessed with the best husband for me ever. He's the diet cherry pepsi in my thirst for life. My first choice, my favorite, what I look forward to. I love him.
I'm glad you've stuck around for 600 freaking blog posts.
Now. It's been a while.
If you don't comment often, now would be a great time.
I have a few new friend blogs I need to add to my list to read..
so please, come forward, say hi. I'm glad to have you reading!
Love, me


Whitney Renee said...

You make me laugh suzi. I love reading your blog!

She Ra Princess of Milk said...

Hello Love!!

Yours was the first blog on here I read and I fell in love straight away :) really enjoy reading your blog and you inspire me to crack on with my crafty projects... Congrats and long may you contiue :)

Nicki x

Norm and Jan said...

Thanks for your kind words, missy!! Love you so much! and I LOVE reading your blog!! You inspire many !!

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