Halloween Party

Our friends had a Halloween Dinner Party last night. What a blast! Halloween is my FAVORITE holliday....no offense to Christmas. Here is how it all went down...

Cody and Trey spent the evening with Kevin's brother and wife. They had their ward Trunk or Treat, so we dressed them up.
Back home we went to frost some cupcakes and get dressed up.
Kevin was a soldier and I was his nurse.
This is Dan Farr, he and his wife hosted..
Angie, Deb, and Heather. These ladies are the best, and quite stunning to boot!
Food food and food. Delish.
Please note the clock on his bomb is an ipod. Love it.
They had 3 kinds of soups, dips, chips, meat balls, cookies, cupcakes....
This is Craig and Elizabeth Hawker....he knocked her up in the Penn.
Deb, Heather, myself, and Elizabeth....she is due in less than 2 weeks.
After dinner we were split up into teams for a scavenger hunt...
Searching for the next clue. We didn't even come close to winning...
And here is Dan again, the prize for the hunt was in the basement full of fog....dry ice? The smokey air...anyway...he was hiding down there dressed like this to scare us all....and that he did....holy cow.
I had such a blast, I am bummed we have to wait another year to do this again.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

your costumes are so, so cute!!!

Kelsee said...

It takes a very secure man to wear yellow tights and an elf costume. Lol Looks like so much fun! -Kelsee

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