Just thought I'd brag....

Remember me telling you about nursing? It's gotten better! Still scares the hell outta me though. I mean I am constantly afraid it's going to make a turn for the worse.

Since August 27th I had minimal sugar.
I mean that.
I rarely have a treat, and I have been checking labels of food.
EVERYTHING has sugar in it.
So yes I am eating it, but not very much at all.
Also since August 27th I think I have had 4 servings of bread.
And really only because they were special occasions.
Bread has yeast which then gives Mommy's yeast fits which then leads to split nipples....
I finally got some gentian violet and painted my girls with them. Yes my breasts. I'd heard that it works, and that way if Trey had any thrush it took care of that too. Just incase you ever have this problem, know that this will help.....Kevin said "You looked like you were attacked by an Oompa Loompa....you know...sexually..." BAHAHA. I laughed.
Lastly. My first born turns two. TODAY! Happy Birthday Buddy!

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

that is thee cutest pic of cody. what a dolly!!

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