Tic Tac Sir?

I have to speak on Sunday......DA DA DUUUUUMMMMM!
I am not too nervous, but I am having a great time reading and preparing for this talk.
Both children are sleeping, so it's nice and quiet. I read a quote out of one of my FAVORITE books and decided that I wanted to share it with you.....aww...lovely....
"Some people are fun to be around. When they enter the room, they're like the proverbial "breath of fresh air." The miserable, on the other hand, can find a way to be the slug of the party. They seem to delight in "throwing a wrench in the works," "putting a damper on things," and ever interrupting the Sunday School teacher to be the "devil's advocate." (Be serious, who would ever want to be known as the devil's advocate?) No activity is fun enough, no dance ever the right music, and no lesson is sufficiently entertaining. You wish they'd just keep their mouth closed, because all that comes out is stale air (and they're out Tic Tacs).

I very often find myself to be one of these people, I complain CONSTANTLY.
I need to count my many blessings and get over myself.
But I thought you'd enjoy this.

1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

good luck on your talk!! you'll do awesome!! :)

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