Cake Balls and Tantrums

This picture has nothing to do with my title, but I thought it was cute.
There you go.
Neither does this picture.
He is who I am blogging about.
He looks sweet enough right?
Maybe it's whenever I pull out the camera he says "Cheese".
Or every time I give him a "fruit fruit" (fruitsnack for the lay person)
he gives me a giant kiss.
I like it that when you strip him down for a bath
he takes his own clothesto the dirty laundry basket.
But his tantrums are KILLING ME.
I know it's totally normal, but it doesn't make it any less annoying.
Some days are just fine and others I feel like locking him in his room....
you know...for like hours.
He's not the best at talking, so he whines a lot.
Or uses the classic "Uh uh uh's!", to which I ALWAYS say
I can't understand you, please use your words!
He's getting better with talking and showing me what he needs.
But good hell.
Side note-
my friend ordered this adorable hat.
I love how it turned out.
One of our good friends came to town and requested cake balls for a treat.
I did red velvet with cream cheese frosting.
May I say...UH MAY ZING!
Messy, but always worth it to me.
And that is all.


Kourtney said...

Love the new hat!!

She Ra Princess of Milk said...

youre a doll!!! you always give me a giggle :)

Brittany said...

I can totally relate. These tantrums are the WORST. So annoying. We always say, "use your words" and no luck so far. :) Isn't it sweet when they kiss you for giving them chocolate or fruit snacks? I love it! That's the only way I can get some sugar from that child and keep her from breaking down!

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