sickness strikes

My children generally sleep exceptionally well.
Especially considering they are in the same room.
The past few nights they keep waking....like each about twice.
LEAVE ME ALONE! I am sleeping!
Trey woke screaming at 1 for no reason...I wrapped him back up and stuck in the plug.
then again at 4:30...(after 8 hours I will feed him but not until then) same thing.
Cody woke at 5 coughing like a goose.
What the eff?

I put him in our bed and went back to sleep.
Trey woke at 7:30 to eat, and was up for the morning.

I googled Cody business and it sounds like CROUP.
He's acting normal minus the cough and runny nose
Except to find out it's highly contagious.

Cody at 8 pm last night....happy as can be....no signs of sickness..
I don't want Trey getting sicky too.

This is how you keep one sicky away from a healthy baby, as best as you can......
Don't call CPS on me, I promise I am sitting here keeping him company.....

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Stef said...

Love your solution! When Davin was one he had croup. I'm the kind of wait and see parent When he started running a fever and breathing sounded really bad I took him to and insta-care. My doc was closed by then. Long story short his oxygen saturation was so low they rushed him to the emergency room. Lesson learned croup can go from bad to worse really fast. good luck hope he gets feeling better soon. Sorry for the novel!:)

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