24 year old female seeking advice....

Not too much advice though.
I hate being given advice.
Mainly because I feel I am being bossed around.
What a jerk!
I know I said I was sorry.
I need a new phone.
I have no luck with phones. NONE.
I had a nice LG chocolate....dropped it in water twice.
Then got a ENV Touch....did nothing to it, it just sucked.
Had it replaced 3 times. 3.
Then insisted I get a different phone so was sent an ENV2.
Biggest piece of crap phone I've ever had.
I'm sorta known for my temper.
I've been known to smash a phone to death, throw it, shake it, ect.
But the last 2 phones were bought sucky....without my temper ruining it.

SO what I am deciding is, should I just get the free upgrade?
The plain jane-bottom of the line- phone?
Or should I get the HTC Incredible?
I've had my eye on this one for a while....
Should I just wait and get the iphone?

Phones are stupid.
Except I feel like I have to have mine with me at all time.

What do you think?
Do you get as lucky as I with phones?


LP said...

I'd had the same, old, not-at-all-smart phone for years. YEARS. It was red and a flip phone and they didn't even remember what it was (LG). It was great. Then when the first Motorola Droid came out, my hubby just had to have it, and I got the Droid Eris for free with his. I protested at first but I do like it. It doesn't have the slide-out keyboard thingie, but I can't stand those so for me this is just fine :) My s-i-l has an iPhone and it's like crack for her--she's addicted.

Caitlin said...

hey i came here from LMM linky party and just scrolled down. if you havent already made your decision i think you should wait til feb and get the iphone 4. i dont have it but i have heard amazing things about it and i know apple is completely user friendly. i have the motorola droid and its junk. loved the self portrait photos btw!


Hayley said...

Not sure if you have Verizon, but we have 2 Droid X's and love them. :)


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