Letters to Random

Dear Trey,
You got your first tooth! So now we can call you "One toof Joe" like we called your brother. When I went to get photo evidence I realized that, no wait, you have 2 teeth. Broke them at the same time. Here is Cody and his first tooth.
Dear Cafe Rio Chicken Salad,
Please OH please, Get in my BELLAY!
Actually I pretty much packed our whole kitchen today...
which means I might get to eat you tonight..
Hmm. That's too bad.
Dear Self,
you to relax a little bit.
You close on your house tomorrow,
and you are SCARED TO DEATH...
your stomach has been in knots,
and you've had a prayer in your heart all day, and week, and month.
No one has ever died from buying a house.
You can make it your own.
It will be YOURS.

Heavenly Father has got your back, and everything is falling into place.

Maybe you just need to have a little faith that everything will be great.
Dear Readers of me blogski,
Readers? Come on, as if anyone cares.
You can thank this guy right here...
Let me hear a big thank you.
Kevin's older brother Brad fixed our camera.
Not kidding.
Took the entire thing apart.

I basically cried tears of joy.


P.S. Did you like the "What I Wore" post?
I thought it was fun....
Don't expect one next week, due to packing and lack of showers....

1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

aahhh! i love cafe rio! and i am so excited for you and your new house! everything will be GREAT! really, you have nothing to worry about! i am excited for you to get settled so i can get the video tour!

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