She's not great on her feet

I am one of the clumsiest people.

I tend to:
trip on shoes
trip on my own pant legs
trip on stairs
I will go to step down when there is no step
miss stairs
fall up stairs
fall down stairs holding kids
bonk my head on cars
bonk head on shelves
walk into the side of door frames (due to bad aim)
walk into things when I am looking in the opposite direction
miss the toilet when I am tired in the middle of the night
Spill everything (drinks, food, whatever)
break or destroy cell phones
Break or destroy anything expensive
roll my ankles when wearing high heels
miss my lips when applying lip gloss without a mirror
Push shopping carts into cars with people in said car
burn arms/hands on: oven, curling iron, ect...
break wind in public before checking to see if I am alone
hit curbs when driving (I HOG the right side of the road)
say inappropriate things in inappropriate settings
more mascara on my eyelids than my eyelashes
climb in the car and slam foot in door

The list could go on for days.
It's sad really.

The other night when I went to celebrate our home ownership
business the bull in me struck again.

I pulled in the driveway and hopped out of my car, slammed the door, but thought I forgot something...reached in and the door slammed on my hand.

my hand. the door. slammed. door bounced off my poor hand.

I yelled a curse word, and headed inside.

I needed pitty.

I told Kevin what had happened to which he was NOT surprised.
Then he said "what did you forget that you had to reach in for?".
For the life of me....I cannot remember.

I guess it wasn't worth it.
Tell me I am not the only one...


Jenae @ Wildflower said...

I have never slammed my hand in the car door..BUT mister W's hand has been accidently slammed in the dishwasher door and pinched in regular doors...on my behalf..becuase I wasn't watching his little fingers. so I am clumsy That way :) your not the only one :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

ouch! i hope your hand gets better!!!

i am clumsy too! i fall downstairs all the time! and i have rolled my ankles so many times...you can't even see a defenition of an ankle anymore. you're not alone!! :)

Brittany said...

Ouch! I've done that. Actually Mikelle's mom was giving me a ride home and I slammed the door (the van door that rolls shut) onto my hand. I didn't say anything because I didn't want her to freak out or feel bad. I was in PAIN. My own idiotic fault. I think I am a little bit clumsy, and unfortunately each day Aubrey seems more clumsy too. That won't help because she loves to dance.

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