What Suzi is happy about..

Appraisal is done, although now I feel like I could use some clean shorts...

I polished my toe nail yesterday, first time in over 8 months.

Had a very successful garage sale/thrift store weekend

Have been extremely exhausted, not happy about it, but sleeping very well.

I now have almost 100 followers, HELLO! Thanks guys.

Been spray painting lots of things for new house.

I am a throw pillow making fool, also for new home.

Husband took out the trash last night, can you believe it?

Diet soda was $3/12 pack which is good since I have been chugging it due to house stress.

What makes you happy?

1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

how exciting!!! when do you close/move in? i can't wait to see a video tour!
and congrats on 100 followers. that's pretty impressive! you're popular! :)

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